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Name:Laura Brooks, Gold Thunder Ranger
Birthdate:Jul 26
Location:California, United States of America
Born in Mariner Bay to Ruth McKenzie, a teen mother who had no choice but to put her up for adoption, Laura spent the first six years of her life in various foster homes, before she was adopted by Jake and Catherine Brooks, becoming fast friends with their five-year-old son Dustin, with whom she shared her love of motocross. Five years later, Dustin and Laura began racing competitively, working their way up in the ranks of Blue Bay Harbor's amateur racers, eventually becoming second and third in the rankings, respectively, by the time they were both in high school.

When Laura was fifteen, she began studying at the Thunder Ninja Academy, where she met brothers Blake and Hunter Bradley. She became best friends with them when she found out that not only were they adopted like she was, but they also loved motocross. The three trained together for the next three years, until the day Lothor attacked.

Laura, Blake and Hunter were caught in the crossfire of the attack when their sensei gave them the Thunder Morphers; Blake taking the Navy Morpher, Hunter Crimson, and Laura Gold. Upon capture and brainwashing by Lothor, Laura was sent to guard the captured ninjas while the boys did the attacking, which pissed her off to no end.

After the Thunder Rangers defected from Lothor's control, and the boys went on a road trip, Laura went back to Mariner Bay to spend time with her birth mother. It took most of the summer but Ruth insisted she go back to her brother and his friends to make up for what she'd done. Two weeks later, Laura returned to Blue Bay Harbor, reuniting with her brother and her friends.

Eventually the war against Lothor was finally over; while Hunter, Cam, Dustin, Tori and Shane became instructors at their respective academies, Blake and Laura became professional motocross racers.

[RP/Writing blog for my Power Rangers Ninja Storm OC, face claim is Crystal Reed. Mun and Muse of legal age.]

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